Tips: New Year's Eve Safety

The last day of 2011 is quickly approaching and in no time many people will be headed to a party or gathering with friends and family.

For those of you who are traveling, or maybe even hosting a party, please take these safety tips into consideration while celebrating.

Tips for New Year’s Eve Safety

1. Don’t Drink and Drive

Although this is probably the most common form of New Year’s Eve advice, many people don’t listen. If you plan on attending a party and partaking in alcoholic beverages, arrange for a designated driver – someone who hasn’t consumed any alcohol!

2. Be Cautious

There are responsible drivers who arrange for a designated driver, as mentioned above, but unfortunately those drivers may come in contact with drivers who are intoxicated. While it’s sometimes impossible to avoid these encounters on the road, please be sure that you are cautious.

If you see another driver who you think is driving while intoxicated, please call 911 to report them.  You might save someone’s life!

3. Be Smart with Fireworks

Fireworks are frequently used at New Year’s Eve celebrations. On Tuesday, we shared Tips on Firework Safety, something we recommend firework users read.

4. Keep Your Drinks in Hand

Are you going to a public place to celebrate the New Year, or possibly to a party where you don’t know and trust all party guests? If so, always be sure to keep your beverage in your hand at all times.

Having your drink out of sight for even a small period of time can allow someone to slip dangerous drugs into your drink.

Westerholm Koehler Insurance would like to encourage you to be safe and make smart decisions while ringing in the New Year! 

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