Local & Tips: Firework Safety

In the past several weeks, Seguin has been fortunate enough to receive some rainfall.  And, after facing a severe and fire-threatening drought, many local residents are grateful for the showers that have been in the area.

County officials recently announced their decision on whether or not to ban fireworks for the holiday season.

Due to the improved lower drought-index and other contributing factors, fireworks will be allowed for New Year celebrations!

If you and your family plan on purchasing fireworks, please make sure you keep some of the following things in mind. 

Tips for Firework Safety

1. Supervise Children

Make sure that children are always being supervised while using fireworks.

2. Don’t Play

Fireworks are a beautiful sight, but can become instantly dangerous if the user isn’t being cautious. Make sure that the user is attentive and familiar with what they’re doing.

3. Dry Areas

While this area has experienced a substantial amount of rain over the last few weeks, parts of the county are still fairly dry. Make sure that fireworks aren’t being used around any dry patches of grass or vegetation.

4. Point Away

Always make sure that fireworks aren’t aimed towards any people, buildings, or animals.

5. Water Source

Having a useable water source nearby is another precautionary measure firework users can take. If fireworks aren’t fully extinguished after use, they can easily ignite.

Image: Chris Sharp / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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