Is Flood Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

The Simple Answer

No, flood damage is not covered under your homeowners policy. Only a flood insurance policy covers water and flood damage caused by weather and other external forces.

Why do we even need to ask if flood damage is covered under homeowners insurance?

When you think of homeowners insurance coverage, it seems logical that anything that could possibly happen to the home - either interior (grease fires, frozen pipes bursting, etc.) or exterior (flooding, tornado, etc.) - should all be covered. However, that is simply not the case. While some of these events are covered, others are not.

What should you do?

It is wise to consider buying flood a separate flood insurance policy even if you don’t live in a flood-prone area. It is important to know that 20% of flood damage claims are from homeowners and renters in areas considered at low or moderate risk of flooding.

What are some examples of possible claims in our area that only a flood insurance policy covers? A water main break in your neighborhood or overflow drainage from rain are two examples of the many things that can cause flood damage to your home and other property that are completely out of your control. So don't risk losing everything you've invested in and buy a flood insurance policy today!

House Flooded
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1 thought on “Is Flood Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?”

  1. That’s good to know that floods can still happen in low-risk areas. I feel like it would be best to protect yourself just in case. I’ll have to consider getting some flood insurance for my house.

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