What do I need to get Home Insurance?

Home Insurance Checklist

Unlike owning and driving a car, it is not a legal requirement to have insurance on a home you own (unless you have a mortgage and your lender requires it). However, your home is one of the biggest assets and investments you will make. It is more than worth the time, energy, and cost to protect it from damage often caused by events completely out of your control.

So what information and documentation do you need when buying a homeowner’s insurance policy?

  • Details about your home. Age, type of foundation, structure, roofing, wiring, etc. Older homes often cost a bit more to insure and those costs will vary depending on the material used in building your home.
  • Home Inventory. This can include things like art, antiques, electronics, books, and more. A really great way to take home inventory is a high-quality video walkthrough. Also, be sure to include quantity of each item.
  • Location. The street address and neighborhood your home is located in.
  • Protective Devices. Security measures such as surveillance cameras, deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, and more can help decrease cost of your home insurance.
  • Personal Activity. Smoking and other lifestyle choices may affect the cost of your insurance premium. Good or excellent credit history can help offset cost.
  • Claims History. Any past claims on the home can affect the cost of homeowner’s insurance.

Advanced preparation will really help you know what to expect and what type of homeowner’s insurance is right for your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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