Trick or Treating Tips and Safety.

Halloween is here again and it means another fun filled day, and night of ghouls and ghosts wandering the streets in search for candied treasures. It is important to keep in mind a few simple tips to make your candy harvest safe and fun.

1. A lot of costumes use darker colors to bring out the terrors of the night, this also makes the wearer harder to see for motorist. Consider carrying a flashlight, or adding reflective tape to the candy bucket.

2. Be sure your costume is tight fitting and wont get caught on objects or cause you to trip.

3. Avoid Trick-or-Treating alone, always walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

4. Be sure that the props you might be carrying are short and flexible to help prevent accidents.

5. Work your way down one side of a street and use the crosswalk to change rather than cutting straight across.

As a homeowner who would like to pass out candy there are some simple steps you can follow too!

1. While dim lights or strobes might be ideal for setting the spooky mood, be sure that ledges, steps, and other obstructions are well lit.

2. Keep your Jack-o-Lanterns away from doorsteps, curtains, and walkways. Always place them on a sturdy surface and never leave them unattended.

3. If you have a large display, be sure that all cords are taped to prevent tripping.

4. Try and avoid snacks that contain ingredients that people have common allergies to. (Nuts, Egg, Fish, Wheat, Cow’s Milk)

For more information you can check out the CDC’s webpage for Halloween Safety.

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