Tips: Preparing for Freezing Temperatures

Texas weather is ever-changing and hard to keep up with.

One day we can experience nice, comfortable fall-like weather and the very next day we can dip down into freezing temperatures before we even have time to think about how we’ll prepare for them.

At Westerholm Koehler Insurance, we want to encourage you to think about your plan now.

When the low-30s creep into the forecast, you’ll be ready to go and know exactly how to get your plan in action.

Three Tips to Prepare for Freezing Temperatures

1. Wrap Your Pipes

Wrapping all pipes on the outside of your home and inside any attic or crawlspace will help prevent them from freezing.

2. Cover Your Plants

Prevent your plants from freezing by draping old sheets over them to protect them from the harsh temperatures.

3. Protect Your Pets

When it gets so cold outside, don’t forget your pets!  Let them in the house or set up a corner in the garage or barn and give them a warm place to stay.

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