Tips: How To Burn Safely

As of December 5, 2011, there is no burn ban in effect for Guadalupe County.

Because of this, some local residents are burning trash piles and debris that they’ve been waiting to rid themselves of for months.

If you too choose to burn, make sure that you do it safely.


Tips: How To Burn Safely

  • Safe Location – Make sure that the location you have chosen for your burn site is clear of any power lines or overhead items.
  • Stay on Location – When burning trash or debris, always make sure you stay on the location of your burn site. Should anything get out of control, you’ll be there to immediately notice and handle the situation.
  • Check the Weather – If high winds are expected in your area, do not burn. High winds can lead to wildfires and turn your burn pile into a concern for everyone around you.
  • Report Your Burning – If you plan on burning and are required to notify the local fire department, be sure that you do so. If you don’t properly inform your local resources, it can result in a fine. To get in touch with a nearby fire department within Guadalupe County, visit the Guadalupe County Fire Marshal’s website.

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