Tips: Driving Safely on Wet Icy Roads

Over the past month, Seguin and surrounding areas have experienced some rainfall.

As great as rain can be when an area is desperately in need of it, you must be safe when driving on wet roads. A Rain changes driving conditions drastically.

To add to the mess, temperatures have dipped into the low-30s creating icy road conditions.

Take responsibility into your own hands and make sure you’re staying safe, so that those around you can do the same, as well!

Tips: Driving Safely on Wet Icy Roads

1. Control Your Speed – Failure to control your rate of speed can make a wet and icy road much worse. Stay in complete control of your speed and don’t challenge the speed limit.

2. Brake In Advance – Don’t wait until the last second to slow down for a light or stop sign. Cautiously brake further in advance in case of patches of ice.

3. Slow at Turns – When rounding a turn in the road, bring your vehicle to a much slower rate of speed than you may normally drive. It may appear as if everything is normal, but you must always remember that you can’t see what’s around the corner.

4. Watch Others, Not Just Yourself – You may be following all of the rules and taking precautionary measures, but others aren’t always doing the same, unfortunately. Make sure you remain conscious of those around you and that you’re constantly aware of their presence.


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  1. Change in weather can affect the way you drive. It is important to be alert always while driving. Drive slowly on a bad weather conditions in order to avoid accidents and always use signals while driving. Being able to know driving safety tips will get you home safe and sound.

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