Teen Drivers

Having your teenager hit sweet sixteen is a proud moment but also one that brings a lot of questions. They now have the option to be one of the many teen drivers out there.

What kind of car should they have? How will this affect my insurance? And how can I make sure they are ready for the road by themselves?

Should your teen have their own policy?

While giving your child their own policy will help prevent any increases in your rate many insurers offer multi-policy or multi-vehicle discounts that can help ease the costs of insuring a new driver.

Worried about your premium increasing? Unsure what you can do to prevent rate increases?

Talk to your agent and find out what kind of discounts they offer for your policy that cater to younger drivers.

Ask about discounts for good grades, qualifying GPA’s and driver safety course certificates.

Consider giving your teen a high deductible. If they maintain a good driving record, your premium should decrease and you can then lower your deductible.

Most importantly, give them guidance when driving – whether you are driving or they are. It took years for you to achieve your level of road awareness and passing that knowledge on┬áto your children will help keep them safe and expedite their learning process.

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