September: Life Insurance Awareness Month

Many Americans recognize the importance of life insurance. It provides both peace of mind and security to families that are confronted with the death of a loved one. The life insurance industry provides protection to 75 million American families, and in 2009 $59 billion were paid to life insurance beneficiaries. Even so, 95 million adults have no life insurance, leaving a staggering gap and possible misfortune for their loved ones.

Life Insurance is an investment in your family’s well being incase you won’t be there to help support them through their lives. No matter your age or pre-existing medical conditions you can always find a policy to match your budget and amount to make your family secure. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month to help bring to light to those without coverage the possible dangers of not having a policy, or not having one with a suitable amount of coverage so they can educate and correct their themselves to living with more peace of mind.

Sit down with your loved ones today, and talk about getting life insurance, or updating your current policies to better fit your lifestyle.

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