Back-to-School Plan for Parents

The Start of a New School Year

Get ready for back-to-school!

As summer starts to slip away and a new school year ushers in, you parents can get prepared by following these tips to get organized ahead of time. Tackle these one at a time to make it less overwhelming.

Before you go clothes shopping, sort through clothes you already have that haven’t been worn since last year. Keep what’s still liked and still fits. Pack up and get rid of the rest. Make a list of items that need to be replaced and stick to it.

Fill out necessary medical forms. Now is the perfect time to update any information that has changed since last year. Make sure your kiddos have all required immunizations and let teachers and other staff know of any food allergies or intolerances.

Check your school’s website for a list of supplies.

Buy School Supplies. Get this list from your child’s teacher or school administrator. Many school districts have supply lists posted online for each grade.

Buy alarm clocks for the kids. Think about getting a clock with gently rising tones to make waking up a little easier. This will also help your child to shoulder some of the morning ritual responsibility.

Firm up babysitting or after-school care arrangements. Not just scheduling, but cost as well.

Plan lunches, breakfast, and snacks. Think of your kids’ tastes and plan accordingly. Write out a prep plan to help you get ready each week. Stock up on staple items like fruit cups, chips, granola bars, and more when you see them on sale.

Update Calendars. Add school-related items to your calendar like holidays, early release and any other events you need to remember. Don’t forget to update extra-curricular activities like soccer, baseball, gymnastics and more.

Slowly move up bedtimes. This is for everyone, including mom and dad. Late summer nights are so much fun, but school days require more sleep. Moving up bedtime little by little makes it easier.

Planning ahead takes time, but it will make going back-to-school less of a challenge for you and your whole family.

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